Comprehensive Project and Construction Management

Since 2002, JDC has been providing comprehensive and systematic project and construction management services for community-focused development projects. These projects include multi-family residential, commercial, religious, and educational facilities located throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area as well as projects beyond the Washington DC Metropolitan area, to support the growing needs of our clients.

JDC has expertise in private ventures and publicly-financed projects, taking the management lead to address all project obligations. JDC has successfully ensured compliance with federal and local regulations related to wage rates and affirmative action requirements. JDC is fully versed with the multitude of requirements and challenges that owners face when developing infill, new construction and renovation projects. Our solution-driven approach brings closure to any obstacles that mayarise during the course of a project.

The construction industry is very specialized and each development project must have a mechanism in place to control and/or monitor the project. JDC is experienced in and concentrates on both careful design review and construction management; two key elements in making every project vision a reality. We assist with the assemblage of the project team, while ensuring that the purpose and goals of the development program are met within the constraints of their development budget and schedule.

Community Involvement

JDC knows and understands the importance of giving back to the local and extended communities. Our longstanding commitment to aid in the future of youth with an interest in a career in the construction industry has resulted in the issuance of annual scholarships and paid internships to college students. Our support goes beyond the financial level, as we develop a bond with our students that has resulted in long-term relationships and opportunities for full-time employment. We have given back to the community through outreach to participation in food drives as well as make donations to local charities and need-based organizations.